Season 1:(2016)Edit

  • This season began filming on July 2,2016.
  • This season will consist of 15 episodes.
  • This season will offically premiere on August 4,2016 in the U.S.
Series # Episode # Episode Title Original airdate Prod.Code
1 1 Pilot July 3,2016 101
A 10-year old boy named Joey,decides to read a book in his first blog but,says he is going "Undercover" even though,he is trying to get a lot of views for his first blog.
2 2 I need my Pizza! August 4,2016 103
Joey becomes a jerk after a guy refuses to give him his order of Pizza.
3 3 I say that's Gross! August 11,2016 104
Joey says Gross about something in his video.
4 4 Auditions are up! August 18,2016 102
Joey gets a call from an agent saying that they want him to audition for a popular upcoming tv shows.

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